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Peace and quiet

I’m alone in the office now.
My colleagues are either on leave, on MC, away for lunch or running errands. Hence my solitude.

But I don’t mind it, honestly.
It feels good to be alone sometimes. Well, not really alone. There are a couple of guys who are doing renovation in here as well. But they go their own way, doing their work and don’t really bother me.

It’s cold, the skies have opened up outside. The chill is refreshing and comfortable, and I can almost make believe that I am back in Germany again.
I remember running from the competition centre to the town centre clad only in my sari and in slippers. The cool breeze that had rushed against my face was crisp, but not biting. Was that only in July? It feels like ages ago.

VC will be carolling at the Esplanade later this evening. Christmas never really feels like Christmas until we go for carolling.

Last Christmas, I wanted to hide from the world, under the love of my family.
But I think that this Christmas will be a fabulous one this year.

5 thoughts on “Peace and quiet”

  1. Yann! So happy to see you yday… And you look lovely! 🙂

    I miss you… happy carolling yah? And please do EAT! If not one day, you will disappear!



  2. Hucks: Thanks for getting the cert for me! 🙂

    Yah yannie… when are you free? then perhaps we can meet up with hucks to collect the dusty certs! :p


  3. Hucks – our next carolling session is on Dec 22, at Hyatt hotel, 7.30pm. 😉

    Fur – I’m free for dinner on Monday or Tuesday! How?


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