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Have a very Sony Ericsson Christmas!

My new phone!
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Christmas arrived almost one week early yesterday, in the form of a new phone – my Sony Ericsson K700i.

The boyfriend was going to get himself a SE S700i since he had a $200 voucher from our local green mobile service provider. Conveniently, my contract had ended and my phone was dying on me at the same time. So I decided to piggyback on his purchase and get myself a new phone too.

The best thing is, I didn’t have to pay a single cent for it! Using half the money he got from selling the iPod mini that he had won, he bought me this phone as a four-in-one gift: Christmas + anniversary (end December) + birthday (in January) + Valentine’s Day. Such a value-for-money bargain!

Went down to Funan to buy meself a bluetooth dongle and man, I’m having a ball of a time transferring MP3 ringtones and answering sms on my iMac. I can even control my iMac using my phone, although it is an utterly frivolous and useless application.

Anyway, Christmas came early for the boyfriend too, since I bought him this at Sitex. It’s probably gathering dust though, since he seems to favour this most of the time. Tsk tsk