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Guest blogger – Little Miss Shopaholic

I would like to welcome my guest blogger, Little Miss Shopaholic, who will record the good, the bad and the budget-bursting shopping trails of Singapore from time to time. When her bank account is suitably full. When she is not in disdainful of the state of shopping here. Yay!


There are usually a variety of sales going on after Chinese New Year.
But don’t worry, Little Miss Shopaholic will suss them out and tell you what is worth the trip and what is not!

M)phosis Sale
Okay, LMS can tell you safely that you should give this a miss!

After rumaging through three M)phosis outlets, LMS has gained biceps on her upper arm! How did that happen?
Well, when a gazillion and one clothes hangers have been piled onto one single rack, it does take the great strength and effort of Superman for anyone to find anything of her size. Plus, one must develop a Zen type of patience in order to fight off other annoying women and queue for the changing rooms.

Minus: no proper organisation of clothes, clothes that are starting to fur, limited number of changing rooms
Plus: Everything is discounted at least 50%! Which means you can get stuff for as little as $10+

Tangs sale
Well, LMS is a total Tangs fan and she rates the Tangs sale as “can go“!

Those to-die-for shoes that Tangs is renowned for are still at full prices while ugly, bling bling heels have discounts of between 30% to 70%. LMS has tiny feet and getting shoes that fit her during sales are akin to Superman wearing purple underwear. This means that the shoe department is a letdown now.

But the redeeming factor lies in the clothes! Yes, them gorgeous clothes! Purple tweed jackets and skirts for half price! Lovely, chiffony cocktail dresses at 50% off. Buy one get one free basic tops! As even XS is too big for LMS, she assures you that there will definitely be a size out there for everyone!

Minus: Must trade elbow muscle with aunties who are jostling for cheap Tangerine shoes and Perlini handbags
Plus: Huge, comfy changing rooms, wonderful service and quality clothes

LMS has just bought a pair of killer heels from X:odus at an extremely pleasing price and hence, she gives her endorsement of the brand now. Must go!

Certain shoes have a hefty 30% discount, and this amounts to tremendous savings for certain items! Plus, they are having special items that are going for $10, $19.90 annd $39.90. So cheap!

The shop at Plaza Singapura is spacious and clean and there aren’t grouchy, hawk-eyed salesgirls harrassing you while you try on shoes, although the salesgirl that served LMS was a tad thunder-faced. Was it because LMS bought a pair of $19.90 special item shoes?

Go there and fall in love with the pretty satin ballet slippers, the sexy purple ribbon wedge heels and the whimsical polka-dotted heels!

Minus: Sizes run big, LMS cannot fit into size 35 shoes sometimes, those bloody sizists. Service can be slow as there are only two salesgirls. Lack of mirrors for vain girls to preen around.
Plus: Nice, big area to totter around (Plaza Singapura), many varieties of shoes with different prices to cater to everyone.

PS LMS welcomes anyone who would like to join her onboard The Shopping Rants. Just drop a note.

The organised chaos

The fatal grasp of Death

It’s never easy to let go of someone, especially when you know that it’s for forever.
There’s no knowing when Death will come and snatch a beloved from your midst. You can go to sleep one night and wake up bereft of someone you love.

When I was six, I lost my father. I was too young then to fully understand the implications of his death. But in the ensuing years, I realised that it made me different from other kids and that his passing left us for the poorer, both literally and metaphorically.

In my fourteenth year, I lost three extended family members in a year. It marked the darkest point of our lives, with the mourning seemingly endless. One would think that we would have been numbed by pain but no. If anything, the grief merely mounted with each loss.

I especially missed my granny – she had been the one to take care of me when nobody else could. She died just a day shy of her 80th birthday, a days we had intended to celebrate proudly and grandly. A few days after her passing, I had dreamt of her. In my haziness, I recalled her standing at the doorway of my home. I beckoned her to come in and offered to make her tea, something I used to do. But she declined and kept saying to me in Hainanese, “You must take care, you know? Take care.” I awoke with tears streaming down my cheeks.

This morning, I received word that a relative of mine had passed on. He was a ‘cousin’ of my mother’s, and he was more than 80 years of age. In recent months, his health had deteriorated and for a while, we had thought he was a goner for sure. But he fought bravely and eventually left the hospital. And so, I took it for granted that he would be around for a long time to come, simply because he had always been around.

He used to dote on my sister and I the most because we were unfortunate children who had lost their father. He had always been close to my mother and would phone her up often. Whenever I picked up his call, we would embark on an amusing chicken and duck conversation for his Mandarin was not terribly good and neither was my Hainanese. It was with him that I spouted my trademark “but hia bo but gong” (can understand but cannot speak).

When he was hospitalised, my cousin and I said that we would visit him but somehow, busy schedules and sheer forgetfulness got in the way. We never did. And now, the guilt is gnawing at me horribly because I feel as if I had let him down. I cannot recall the last time I had seen him. I’m crying because I know that I will never see him again, because I, the very person who should understand the nature of Mortality, had taken it for granted.

But I do know that even in death, the loving links that bind all of us together will never dissipate. Bodies may waste away and spirits may fade but love endures.

For we will never forget.

Geek Girl

iPod shuffle is a flirt

shuffling my life up

This machine has been playing with my heart and mind and I don’t like it one bit.

I am, afterall, a respectable owner of an iPod. Even though my iPod is a little worn and a little too plump for my liking, I am faithful to it and will never consider getting rid of it. In fact, I had dodged temptation late last year when I almost became the owner of a shiny, blue iPod mini. But I stayed steadfast and foisted it off onto a friend who was seriously in need of a cool gadget to up his hip factor.

But the traitorous Shuffle is like a siren that’s calling out my name. When it was first launched, I put up my PDA for sale in hopes of getting my hands on the Shuffle. Good sense ultimately overcame me and I decided to stop pining incessantly for the tiny white beacon.

Then along came my ang pow-ed boyfriend, who said to me happily, “Let me buy us some Shuffles for Valentine’s Day!” Regretfully (and to his immense relief), the Shuffles were sold out everywhere we went and so, the Shuffle became a coveted item to be purchased only if he wins Toto (Toto investment came to naught, we didn’t win).

But now, the idea of owning the device has stuck onto my brain, like a pesky fly that keeps zooming around your leg when you are wearing your shortest mini skirt.

Don’t tell me it has no screeen – where is your element of spontaneity and fun? We need surprises to perk up our mundane lives and if a choral rendition of Salve Regina follows U2 on the playlist, then yahoo!

Don’t tell me it’s useless and I already have an iPod. Look, if men were allowed to have 70 wives in the feudalistic and archaic past, why can’t a modern woman own two iPods? Besides, I can hang the Shuffle on my neck, I certainly can’t do that with my current iPod without cracking my collar bone. And what if I need to carry a tiny purse out?

Don’t tell me it only has 512MB/1GB. Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you can do with it that counts!

Decisions, decisions.

The organised chaos

Valentine’s Day 2005

So it’s Valentine’s Day today.

According to this Sunday Times article, I should be locking myself up in the toilet right now because I did not receive a gigantic bouquet of flowers.

Must love be reduced to merely a bundle of flowers wrapped in pretty paper and girly ribbon?

The other day, the boyfriend and I were discussing about love. I mused about how we knew that we were in love with the other for who he or she is and not for what he or she has come to represent. Meaning, how do we tell if we are in love for the right reasons? What if we were merely luxuriating in the warmth of being pampered and loved by someone else and not truly in love with them?

My own moment of clarity came a few months after we started going out more than five years ago. He would usually ring me after sending me home to let me know that he has reached home safely. One night, I waited in vain for his call and my efforts to reach him were futile. I grew sick with worry and my overactive imagination started running wild. It was then that I realised, if he were to go from my life, I would be terribly wrecked with grief (which I, eventually, was).

For some, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to pamper their loved ones. Well, if they enjoy splashing out, good for them.

As for me, I’d like to think that every moment that I spend with the boyfriend is a treasured one. It’s never easy to find love and to find it again after losing it once makes it even more priceless.

So how do I know that I love him for who he is and not for what he can do for me?

I know because even if he could never afford to give me diamonds and flowers, I would still want to be with him.

(As long as I get the occasional Mac goodie and he is not perpetually playing Halo2.)

Arts & Entertainment


I thought I was going to be yaya and blog about Constantine way before everyone else does but sometimes, you just cannot win these people, especially those who write about the movie just right before the movie starts.

Anyway, I managed to snag free passes from my editor, who proclaimed such movies “not her thing”. Ah, the perks of working in the media, even the geeky branch of it. Who says blade servers and CRM cannot be fun?

Continue reading if you don’t mind the spoilers.


Continue reading “Constantine”

The organised chaos

A Weighty Pact

I’d like to think of the boyfriend as my portable, lifesize teddy bear. Just like a teddy bear, he is extremely soft and fleshy, which makes him wonderfully huggable. But in recent years, I have began to see a pattern forming – when I put my arm around his waist, the distance between my hand and his side draws further and further. I have to face the fact: my cute, tubby boyfriend is no longer adorably tubby but hovering dangerously on the precipice of FATNESS. His BMI is alarmingly high and twice that of mine. It’s time to do something.

I got inspired when I heard about the bet that two of my friends wagered on another friend. This equally tubby friend (can be mistaken as Jimm’s twin brother from the back) is to lose 15 kg before December 31, 2005. If he does, the two friends will sponsor him half the price of an air ticket on a budget airline to a destination of his choice. If he does not, he will have to do the same to the pay for half the prices of the air tickets of these two friends.

So, my version of the bet with Jimm is as follows: he will have to lose 15 kg (a figure of his choice, I offered 10) before his 32nd birthday on March 30, 2006. If he does, I will pay for his air ticket on a budget airline for our holiday together. If he fails to attain that weight, then he will pay for my air ticket instead.

Watch this space for further developments on this matter, as I cheer my man on while he tries, for the first time, to pass IPPT and not siam it by keng-ing (faking illness/injury).

Jim with his iPod Mini

“Don’t play play, you’ll see a mini me by March 2006 ah.”