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Guest blogger – Little Miss Shopaholic

I would like to welcome my guest blogger, Little Miss Shopaholic, who will record the good, the bad and the budget-bursting shopping trails of Singapore from time to time. When her bank account is suitably full. When she is not in disdainful of the state of shopping here. Yay!


There are usually a variety of sales going on after Chinese New Year.
But don’t worry, Little Miss Shopaholic will suss them out and tell you what is worth the trip and what is not!

M)phosis Sale
Okay, LMS can tell you safely that you should give this a miss!

After rumaging through three M)phosis outlets, LMS has gained biceps on her upper arm! How did that happen?
Well, when a gazillion and one clothes hangers have been piled onto one single rack, it does take the great strength and effort of Superman for anyone to find anything of her size. Plus, one must develop a Zen type of patience in order to fight off other annoying women and queue for the changing rooms.

Minus: no proper organisation of clothes, clothes that are starting to fur, limited number of changing rooms
Plus: Everything is discounted at least 50%! Which means you can get stuff for as little as $10+

Tangs sale
Well, LMS is a total Tangs fan and she rates the Tangs sale as “can go“!

Those to-die-for shoes that Tangs is renowned for are still at full prices while ugly, bling bling heels have discounts of between 30% to 70%. LMS has tiny feet and getting shoes that fit her during sales are akin to Superman wearing purple underwear. This means that the shoe department is a letdown now.

But the redeeming factor lies in the clothes! Yes, them gorgeous clothes! Purple tweed jackets and skirts for half price! Lovely, chiffony cocktail dresses at 50% off. Buy one get one free basic tops! As even XS is too big for LMS, she assures you that there will definitely be a size out there for everyone!

Minus: Must trade elbow muscle with aunties who are jostling for cheap Tangerine shoes and Perlini handbags
Plus: Huge, comfy changing rooms, wonderful service and quality clothes

LMS has just bought a pair of killer heels from X:odus at an extremely pleasing price and hence, she gives her endorsement of the brand now. Must go!

Certain shoes have a hefty 30% discount, and this amounts to tremendous savings for certain items! Plus, they are having special items that are going for $10, $19.90 annd $39.90. So cheap!

The shop at Plaza Singapura is spacious and clean and there aren’t grouchy, hawk-eyed salesgirls harrassing you while you try on shoes, although the salesgirl that served LMS was a tad thunder-faced. Was it because LMS bought a pair of $19.90 special item shoes?

Go there and fall in love with the pretty satin ballet slippers, the sexy purple ribbon wedge heels and the whimsical polka-dotted heels!

Minus: Sizes run big, LMS cannot fit into size 35 shoes sometimes, those bloody sizists. Service can be slow as there are only two salesgirls. Lack of mirrors for vain girls to preen around.
Plus: Nice, big area to totter around (Plaza Singapura), many varieties of shoes with different prices to cater to everyone.

PS LMS welcomes anyone who would like to join her onboard The Shopping Rants. Just drop a note.

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