Little Miss Shopaholic

The Box

Little Miss Shopaholic is determined to bring to all of you the newest and coolest (read: cheapest) shopping greats despite the fact that she is on shopping-diet. What to do, need to save money for holiday.

Today, she has discovered a brand new, err, brand located right within Isetan at Shaw House!
It’s called The Box and the moment she caught sight of it from the escalator, she decided that it was a “must see”. And boy, was she right!

The Box Ensemble features clothes that are uniquely different from what the rest of the Isetan brands are selling. The clothes are designed in such a way that unexpected items pop out everywhere. A pretty, feminine top could be made edgy with unfinished seams and deconstructed items are not rare on the rack.

Some items that made LMS’ heart palpitate include:
1) Wife beaters in various colours embellished with flowers and lace – a mix of boyish casual and vintage
2) Cutesy short-sleeved boleros in noxious green and yellow
3) Shrugs in various colours such as green, red and yellow

Spring/Summer has hit us and LMS says, “Bright colours is the way to go!”

The best thing about The Box is that prices are not terribly expensive!
As LMS is a poorly-paid writer, cost-cutting is thus of utmost importance to her. For example, the above-mentioned wife beater costs only $25.90 and the shrugs, $33.90.
If only LMS is not so poorly-paid, she would have hauled the entire rack to the changing room and tried on each and every single item.

Plus: Cheap, funky items at affordable prices
Minus: You get what you pay for – materials are alright but not rapturously great