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I have a white iPod mini

Yesterday, I found myself bundled up in a cab together with my two cousins (let’s call them Cousin A and B) and my older sister. Cousin B was contemplating buying an iPod and being iPod users, my sister and I were answering the queries that she had. Cousin A, although holding a very senior position in a global bank, was not really a techie and merely sat in the front seat listening on in our conversation.

Us: “iPod blah blah blah blah”
After a good 15 minutes of conversation, Cousin A suddenly said, “I have an iPod mini at home.”
(stunned silence)
Cousin B: “You let us talk for 15 minutes and all along you had one? You don’t use it right, why don’t you just give it to me?”
Cousin A: “Oh I got it free.”
Us: “What?!”
Cousin A: “Yeah, got it when I signed up for some insurance policy online. My (eight-year-old) son is playing with it now. He dances to it at home.”
(stunned silence)
Cousin B: “Can I exchange my AM/FM radio for the iPod mini? He can still sing and dance along to it.”

Later, we walked down to the Applecentre at Wheelock Place because Cousin B was heeding the siren calls of the iPod. At the underpass leading from Shaw House, we caught sight of the giant iPod poster. The three of us went up to the poster and began ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it, as if real iPods were housed in the glass enclosure.

Me: “Oh look at the pink iPod mini, it’s so cute.”
Cousin B: “Think I will want to get the iPod Photo.”
Us: “iPod blah blah blah blah blah”
Cousin A: (suddenly) “I have a white iPod mini.”
(stunned silence)
Me: “There is no white iPod mini.”
Cousin A: “Oh, but mine is a white one.”
Me: (pointing to the poster) “See, they only have green, pink, blue and silver. No white. White is iPod, not mini.”
Cousin A: (points to the iPod) “Yeah, that’s mine!”
(stunned silence)
Cousin B: “Your eight-year-old son is dancing at home to a 20GB device??”
Cousin A: “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen it around for a while. Wonder what he did with it.”
Me: (to Cousin B) “Maybe you should just buy a cheaper iPod mini and exchange it for the iPod with him.”
Cousin B: “No, I’ll just exchange for it with my tattered FM/AM radio.”