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Geek alert!

Okay, this is totally narcissistic but well, too bad.
I just got my new glasses!

They’re oversized, they’re black, they’re plastic, they’re cat’s eyes and they’re so nerdy.
Geek is the new cool (and no, EFB, I don’t mean you).

Got new glasses cos I have been wearing the old ones to work when I get to stay in. The old ones, almost five years old now, are so scratched that I keep wiping them, thinking that they are smudged.

It’s so ironic that years after I banished plastic frames to the trash bin in favour of the funkier metal frames, I am so enamoured of them again. Ah well, the ways of fashion. See if I throw away anything from now on.

12 thoughts on “Geek alert!”

  1. i thought my purple plastic specs were nerdy…yours are even more hideous. you look totally like edna mode now…hahaha


  2. Hee hee i know this is very haolian but i don’t need glasses anymore! But I do miss my nice purple funky glasses 😦


  3. oh, but dawna, i love edna mode! 🙂

    my new glasses look almost like yours too, yAnn – though they are blue. i think we no longer need to call them nerdy or geeky. it is a fact now widely accepted that anything in the geek realm is almost instantly chic. heheh… it wasn’t so long ago that we hated anything that was beige or argyle though, was it! 🙂


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