The organised chaos

The geek speaketh

So, reactions to the geeky look have been mixed. Some say sexy and chio, while some say hideous and hideous. There’s no pleasing everyone, I guess. Oh well, as long as I like it, who cares about what others think?

But I can seek solace in that my favourite person in the world is back! Yes, Little Miss Shopaholic has returned from a trip to KL, where she had a one night stand, only to find that the United Nations has set up shop in her shoe cabinet.

Will wonders never cease!

Little Miss Shopaholic

The UN of shoes

LMS. Needs. To. Get. Rid. Of. Old. Shoes.

Okay, so Little Miss Shopaholic has just bought another pair of shoes.
Big deal right?
Why is it such a big deal?
Because LMS has been eyeing said shoes for the longest time (two months)! LMS says, “Hurrah for sales and discounts!”
And because LMS is such a sweetling, she will share with you her find – local diva x:odus!

Hurry down to x:odus now as shoes go as low as $9. There are funky floral wedges, which LMS’s dear friend Popartgirl is in possession of, cutesy round-toe tweed heels that are oh-so-retro (stupid sizists, smallest size is only 5??!), slinky metallic thongs in ravishing silver, bronze and gold, pretty ballet flats with sequins (ditto sizists), pastoral slippers with dragonfly motifs (yes, shoes can be….pastoral)….oh the list goes on! LMS could die of hyperventilation before she finishes the list!

LMS procured a pair of purple wedge heels (wedge heels are all over the rage now, dahhhhling) which she had been stalking like mad since February. It used to retail for $42.90 (those bloodsuckers, tsk tsk) and now it’s an amazing $29!

But now, she is frantically deciding between leaving the shoes in her cosy little cubicle at work or bringing them back home immediately. You see, LMS-Mama thinks that LMS has too many pairs of shoes. So if LMS leaves the shoes in office, she can then bring them back on Friday night and pretend that it was a gift from the boyfriend! Brilliant, right? The only problem is that LMS is not a hoarder, unlike Popartgirl. She loves the luxury of unwrapping a new find, parading in it in her room and then carefully placing it in its rightful position in the closet. She loves coming up with outfits to match the new member of the family. She cannot bear the thought of her new item still holed up in its box, unworn and unloved for more than a week. No no no!

Lest you think that LMS is incorrigible and has a closet full of shoes, she assures you that she is not and is the owner of only….okay, she dares not count the number of pairs of shoes that she has. It’s not quantity that matters, my dear, it’s the quality. She will, however, let on that she has the shoes equivalent of the United Nations in her shoe closet. Why, it could even be a rainbow!

Black, pink, blue, purple, white, red, beige, brown, silver, grey…..see, it ain’t that many, right?