Viva Las Vegas (Prelude)

Two days from now, yours truly will be an international blogger as I go on a not-so-secret mission to recce for our nation’s integrated resorts at the birthplace of casinos – Sin City AKA Las Vegas.


Will be there for work and am expected to fall asleep at the various keynotes and conferences that I have to attend. But it’s all in the name of work so I can’t really complain. Anyway, it will be rather exciting to hear some of the most brilliant minds in the tech industry – CEOs, CIOs – speak and share their ideas and visions. Besides, the vendor has been kind enough to put me onboard a non-stop flight to Los Angeles in the business class. Thank the heavens, no crampy Economy class cages to put me in danger from DVT.

But the highlight of the trip has to be the resort that I am staying in, Wynn Las Vegas. It’s brand new, having just opened its doors to visitors and guests on April 28 and it is apparently absofrigginglutely swanky and gorgeous. According to Str^^ts T^mes (front page of the World section, no links because I no money to subscribe to the online edition), people actually queued up for four hours just to get inside the hotel to take a look.

Wow. Plus, I will get to meet Steve Wynn himself in person! You know, if his plans for Singapore’s IR is anything like Wynn Las Vegas, I certainly hope that he wynns the tender (yes, pun intended).

I have done my research well (there are three factory outlets, LMS will be pleased) and have finally booked that hotel room for the extra night. Watch this space for more snippets and photos!

6 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas (Prelude)”

  1. Hope you have the frequent flyer membership ready! 🙂 This trip should earn you enough points for two tickets to Bali.

    On your flight back, check in earlier at LAX and use the lounge. Eat and drink your fill, as well as to get away from the poor cattle class citizens. Mwahahahahah.

    HAVE LOTS OF FUN! AND BLOG YOUR EXPERIENCE! This poor student would have to live vicarously through you!


  2. Set the boring conferences aside. Go there and enjoy yourself.
    The way the papers and the internet described, Wynn LV is the place to be in at LV. Lucky you.


  3. heh yann…i am…so envious…. do you need a PA ? I can help you carry all your shopping bags…. or your suitcases of winnings…


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