Viva Las Vegas: Day 1

It’s 10.20am over here and I have a massive headache.
Didn’t sleep a wink despite my bed being big on size and comfort. I hate travelling sometimes, my body goes out of whack and I cannot sleep.

Swanky hotel is….swanky. There’s a huge casino at the first level, so big that they don’t even call the ground floor “ground floor” but “casino level”. It’s crazy. I checked in at 10.30pm the night before and the place was swamped. I made my way to breakfast today at 7.15am and the casino was still crowded. Don’t these people sleep?

Okay, off to an interview. Hope I don’t fall asleep. Bye.

2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas: Day 1”

  1. Hello, I am J currently in london. Chance upon ya website sometime back. I was in LV for a day in Dec.. these pple just dun sleep. REM TO EAT THE BUFFET and oh oh there’s piano bar name ‘PIANO BAR’ just at the casino beside the Venetian (cannot rem the name liao) A pair of twin sisters performs there… they are quite good.. well at least they are quite fun. Get a good night sleep and ENJOY!


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