Viva Las Vegas: Day 2

I managed to get some five hours of sleep. Darn, my eyebags are so huge now, I think my mum won’t be able to recognise me.

Last night, they brought us to catch the Cirque du Soleil production, Ka and boy, was it amazing! Despite having watched two previous Cirque productions and having my mind blown by both, Ka really takes the cake. The entire theatre was built for this show and the pyrotechnics and stage design was just amazing. The entire story was whimsical, mythical and fantastical all at the same time.

Okay, I fell asleep intermittently. It’s terrible, I was just so tired and the darkened theatre was just so conducive for sleeping. But it really was good, trust me. I wanted to get the soundtrack but the show is so new (having opened in February) that the soundtrack was only going to be out next year. Bugger.

Thank goodness for low-budget IDD calls. They have enabled me to make believe that the boyfriend is just a 15-minute drive away, rather than halfway across the world. It helps that he doesn’t sleep early and that by the time I get to bed, he can call and talk to me, just like we always do at home. I think we are really the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” kind of couple. Tsk.

Okay, off for a bath and a full day of events.

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  1. Assumed you brought your ibook along. Have you tried Skype yet? As good as any IDD, and it’s FREE!


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