Viva Las Vegas – Day Dunno

I’ve lost track of time.
All I know is, I will be on my way home tomorrow evening, Vegas time, and I am so glad for it.

Because, you know, despite my wanderlust, despite my love for exploring the unexplored, despite my unbriddled joy in travelling, I am tired. And I am just not cut out for solo travel. And this is definitely a business trip, not a leisure trip.

When it comes to travelling, I need a companion. Some things in life are meant to be shared and embracing new sights and sounds is one of them.

Plus, being here on business means that all the events and activites have zonked me out. I tried to go exploring last night, and while waiting for a public show to start at Treasure Island, I actully fell asleep standing up. After the crass and crappy half hour show (involving scantily clad “sirens” and renegade pirates getting it on) ended, I went straight back to the hotel and watched Desperate Housewives till I fell asleep.

Vegas is one hell of a vibrant city and I can see how strong its draw is to people. Night feels like day and the streets are never empty. New hotels just spring out from nowhere, each with its own individual identity. There’s so much to see and so little time.

Perhaps next time then. Not on business, and certainly not on foot.

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