Stalwart to the last

ACW - Stalwart to the last

I like the headline, there’s a nice ring to it.
Anyway, I am not that much of a genius to come up with this cool headline – it was conceived by my sub-editor, Danny. We celebrate mourn the last issue of our magazine due to the closure of the company. As to why the company is closing down, it is still a mystery but I’ll hedge my bets that lack of profitability has very little to do with it.

Anyway, as we sat down in the cosy confines of Cafe Brios, just chatting and laughing, it really felt like nothing has changed, that there was no closure and we were simply doing what we did everyday – having lunch and talking nonsense. But reality hit when we got back to the office and packed all our bags, while Angie the ever-efficient administrator bustled around informing us when to go down to the office tomorrow to collect our cheques. Our retrenchment cheques.

But I like to think of it as a good thing. The closure gives me, us, a time to reevaluate the path that we are taking and lets us take the chance to try something that we might not have done otherwise.

To my colleagues who always lets me know when they are reading my blog in the office (“Have you updated your blog?”), I would like to say this to you: Thanks for all the fond memories, despite the short duration of my stint. It has been an honour and a pleasure working side by side with you lot. You guys are truly the stalwarts.