Little Miss Shopaholic

The elixir of youth

Now, Little Miss Shopaholic will have you know that she is a very youthful lady girl, with an amazingly petite body. She eats, sleeps and vegetates in front of the television/computer like everyone does, maybe more. But (un)fortunately, she remains remarkably slender, having been blessed with metabolism the speed of light.

But that is not the point of this posting. LMS says, “it can be great to be slender sometimes!”

You see, sometimes it is a pain to be so slender. LMS would always go shopping, ooh and ahh over some gorgeous piece of clothing, only to find that it is too big! Imagine the disappointment, the crushing defeat. Oh she hates them sizists!

But LMS has come to discover that being small has its advantages. For one, she can buy kids clothes at the fraction of the cost of a similar piece for adults!

Recently, on one of her jaunts to Great World City, LMS decided to pop into Esprit (no choice, GWC is a rather boring place). She seldom buys Esprit things because she finds them overpriced ($89.90 for a pair of casual cargo pants? Puh-leeeeaze!). Being a maternal person (uhhmm), she went over to the kids department to see if there were any bargains to be bought for her darling little nephew.

Her hands moved swiftly through the racks….wait! What’s this? A pair of white jeans. Hmm….LMS bit her lip and thought hard. She had been seeking out a pair of white pants for a while…but this is the kids department, could she actually wear anything? What the heck, trying is free.

To her amazement, the jeans fit perfectly! From the low-rise, to the snug way it encased her tiny bottom, to the length which ended slightly below her feet, everything was perfect. In addition, the price was perfect too – S$28.30, after a 50% discount!

One word – buy.

Go ahead and laugh at LMS for her non-existant boobs and butt. See who’s having the last laugh now, ho ho ho!

Even LMS also cannot fit into this sweet outfit
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