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Darth Maul at Upper East Coast Road

Star Wars @ Upper East Cost Road!
Originally uploaded by yannie.

Talk about cheap lightsabres, these people were using hollow tubes made of cardboard back in 2002!

‘Twas a costume party for VC and the theme was Movie Madness. Oh, the fun we had then! We had Sherlock Holmes (Nelson), Medusa (Sandy), Titania (Jane), Austin Powers (GQ), Juliet (Dee) and Hogwarts students (Popartgirl and me). The best thing was that most of us had no inhibitions, we weren’t thinking to ourselves, oh I look stupid and we were just hamming it up in front of everybody.

Sadly, we never had that much fun in another VC party ever. Most of the new people after that were just not into such kitschy crap.

But it’s alright. I have memories of ‘Darth Maul’ and ‘Imperial Guard’ to elicit a chuckle out of me once in a while.

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