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Corrinne May in concert

I’ll be catching Corrinne May live in concert this coming August, and I can’t wait for it!

She’s been one of my favourite singers ever since a kind soul loaned me a copy of her debut album, Fly Away. I could listen to those 12 songs on that album over and over again without ever feeling bored or sickened. Such is the beauty of her mellow voice and poignant lyrics.

While her voice is not as haunting as Joni Mitchell or Sarah MacLachlan’s, her songs are similar to theirs. Reflective, musing, open…they are great for those late nights when the world has fallen silent and your heart is at peace.

She performed at the Esplanade this year for the New Year countdown and while watching, I found that my cheeks were wet with tears despite the none-too-perfect open air acoustics, on/off rain and hordes of people crowding around the amphitheatre. And now that she is on tour for her new album, Safe in a Crazy World, I could not pass up the chance to see her sing live again.

Highly recommended.

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Details here.

PS She’s got a blog too.

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