The organised chaos

An interview with yAnn

This is quite a nice website, yAnn.
Why, thank you! Don’t you think that my new website is just gorgeous? Wait, don’t answer because I had meant it to be a rhetorical question. Of course, this is the prettiest website you have ever seen. I know, because the website designer happens to be my very sweet and wonderful boyfriend. Right, gush gush gush.

How much did it cost you?
Err, nothing? Maybe a hug and a kiss. But that’s it.

You cheapskate. How long have you been blogging?
I’ll have you know that my hugs and kisses are highly sought after. The queue goes all the way to JB. Even my hair stylist flirts with me and no, he is not gay.

Anyway, this is the third incarnation of my blog, having started with Blogger‘s the organised chaos back in 2003. A year ago, I moved to be a cyber squatter with in transit and now, I have a little web space of my own.

Why yannisms?
Because that’s my name?

My family has been calling me Yann ever since I was a wee kid and yannisms is really a term for all the things that I say and do. I used to say that all the warped logic that I spout are the “yannisms of life” and it just stuck, I guess. So there you go.

I thought you were going on a “hiatus” not-so-long ago. Is that warped logic too?
Yes, I did say that I was going to take a break but then I realised that I couldn’t stop writing. It’s just in me to write, writing is part of what defines me as me. It’s either wasting bytes or killing trees. Since I have grown to prefer typing to writing, I decided to choose bytes.

Why do you blog then? Is it because you are a narcissist at heart?
Why do you think I plaster pictures of my beautiful self all over my blog? Of course I am narcissistic! I’m just one stop short of putting up my nekkid pictures on my site. Actually, I thought about it and decided not to, in case those pictures drive away what little audience I have. I am not that snowing girl (as Ash calls her), you know. I’ll be happy to get 80 hits a day, let alone 8,000.

Why do you think you even have 80 hits?
I’m not sure either, you know. Initially, my blog was used to keep in contact with my university friends, affectionately known as bloggies. And then somehow, people just started dropping in. Even my ex-colleagues got onto the act and started hollering at me across the office to say that they have read my blog. Bizarre.

But I did get email from people to say that they identify with the things that I write, that they appreciate my frankness and openess, that they feel comforted that they are not the only losers in the world. Not that I am a loser, of course.

If you say so. What can we expect from your site next?
I’m trying to get my photos page up and running. Still haven’t decided if I should use photos from my Flickr page or host them on the boyfriend’s server (cyber-squatting again).

I am also toying with the idea of writing, not blogging. Writing prose, poetry….stuff that I used to do in school. Ah the good ‘ol angsty times when words and thoughts just flowed so eloquently.

Well, thanks for your time. Isn’t it time for bed soon?
Nah, think I’ll go catch an episode of Lost before I sleep. And then get to work late the next morning. Brilliant. I hope my current employers don’t know of the existence of this site.


Hurray! yAnn’s gorgeous site is up and running!

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