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Music 4 Mondays (1): The one about despair

I was bitten by the D-bug (read: depression) today but that’s a story I don’t feel like rehashing. Suffice to say, my only consolation came from my iPod (with longer play time now, thanks to a change of batteries). But it got me thinking: since music can effectively reflect the kind of mood that I am in, why not let music speak on my behalf instead?

And so, Music 4 Mondays is born.

Here, I will put up two songs for download each week, with each link lasting no more than a week. You won’t be able to find silly Backside Boys songs here (okay, I admit I do have one or two Britney Spears but that’s ALL). My music preferences are rather eclectic, ranging from rock to choral to jazz so anything goes here. To download, right click (or ctrl+click, for Mac) and save target as.

Coldplay’s Fix You
This song has been on my repeat list for the past week. It’s a typical Coldplay offering from their latest album X & Y, with Chris Martin’s melancholic falsetto singing about pain, imperfection and the plea to make things right again. The guitar strains are morosely emotional and grand, and you can’t help but sing along, as your mind wanders to the less-than-perfect situation at hand. And your own tears will fall too, unexpectedly and unwillingly.

The combined play count of this song on my iTunes and iPod totals 80, since June 22. You do the math.

When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
could it be worse?


Radiohead’s Let Down
I have a peculiar soft spot for this song. There is a sort of strange juxtaposition in this song, taken from OK Computer, where the lyrics are infectiously demoralising while the music in the background is simple, to the point where it’s childlike.

Unlike Fix You, you won’t cry to this song. It’s not like that. It’s just….well, good for those days when you feel that the people around you don’t really understand you, where you feel deflated. Its combined play count is almost 320 now. Awesome stuff.

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