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Music 4 Mondays (5): The one about hopeless love

There’s something mesmerising about James Blunt‘s voice, especially in the middle of night as is now.

The reedy, high-pitched singing voice of his makes you feel sad, though not pity, for him somehow, even as he sings about how his “life is brilliant”. He makes it feel as if he is baring his soul to you, spilling out his deepest, darkest thoughts and desires through his song, from his debut album Back to Bedlam. It’s very honest, scrubbed down, simple. And when you realise that he has gone through a lot in life, ranging from studying engineering in school to serving in the peace corps in Kosovo to being a guard at Buckingham Palace, you’d understand why he sounds the way he does now.

I first heard You’re Beautiful in the boyfriend’s car. We were both heading for somewhere, can’t recall where now, and when the song played over the radio, we just sat there and listened in rapt silence. Granted, the song might have done more for me than him – beautiful lyrics always does this to me.

So here it is, a truly beautiful song that is stripped of all fanciful bells and whistles – just pure soul.

Accompanying him is You Do by Aimee Mann – another masterful lyricist and powerful emoter. This one is from the soundtrack of Magnolia and Aimee Mann is really one of the most underrated singer of our times. Like James Blunt, she does not need to rely on outlandish accompaniment to make her point clear, she makes sure that her subtle lyrics and mellow voice does the job well.

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