Esplanade on a Sunday evening

Went over to catch Dim Sum Dollies (shall talk about it later!) last Sunday evening and arrived a wee bit too early. Since I was armed with my trusty camera, I decided to grab a couple of shots.

Some people ask why I chose to buy such a pricey camera when I could jolly well purchase one of those point-and-shoot cameras. Thing is, even though I am not very good at photography, I like it very much. I may be better with words than visuals but I see it as another avenue for my artistic exploits. Once I got used to playing with the manual settings, I never shot again in auto mode. It just seemed more fun and interesting to play with shutter speeds and stuff like that.

We don’t always have to be good at the things we like and we don’t always need to hide the creations that we don’t think are breathtaking or up-to-par with others’. If this is the best that we can do, then so be it.

Anyway, have decided to take part in mb‘s meme since I already had the photos. It’s rather fun and I swear, I didn’t cheat hor!

Hopefully tonight will yield nicer pictures. Am going off to catch the Singapore Fireworks Festival, hurrah!

PS: Didya know that the boyfriend’s photo comes up second on the search for “Singapore Fireworks Festival” on Google? How cool is that?!

Update: I ain’t a very good fireworks photographer. First, we were facing the wrong direction. Second, I was so fascinated by the fireworks, I decided, sod it, I’m just going to ooh and aah over them.

Durians talking

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Music 4 Mondays (6): The one about national pride

With National Day arriving, what better way to celebrate than with two of Singapore’s most famous Mandarin singing exports – Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun?

Truth be said, I am more of a fan of Kit than Stefanie. I don’t really think Stefanie’s voice is as wondrous as her popularity suggests – her voice is unique and fills a void that had been missing in the Chinese music scene. But that’s it. Plus, her army of songwriters are really good at writing songs that show-off her vocals.

Kit, on the other hand, is made of the real stuff. This lady can really sing and her techniques are awesome. I caught her live during the first run of the Forbidden City and I thought she was just brilliant. Her warm alto voice is so strong and yet so wrought with emotions, all the other so-called up and coming local singers just cannot compare. If there is one singer whom I would most want to sound like, it would be her.

Anyway, here are the two for comparisons – Kit Chan’s live rendition of Home and Stefanie’s This Moment (both AAC format).