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Music on Mondays (8): The one about singing

Every time I mention that I have been singing in a choir since the age of 13, the people around me would express their surprise. And when I say that the choir hold its practices on Saturdays, they marvel at how I can sacrifice my weekends to sing.

But how can I explain to them that on the contrary, spending weekends on practices is something that has become a part of my life, such that it actually feels a little empty if I don’t see those silly buggers week after week? Them buggers who have become almost like family?

The best thing about singing is how, after months of hard work, you suddenly hear how the song combines the voices of the four different sections so beautifully. It’s almost as if there is a sudden frisson in the air, and the hair on your arms starts standing. You continue singing and then at the end of it, you look around you in amazement because the harmony created was just so breathtaking.

Of course, there are times when the chord goes awfully out of tune but that’s (thankfully) a rare occurrence and we usually have a good laugh about it in the end.

And then, there’s the high you get when performing to a live audience, especially in a setting such as Esplanade Concert Hall. It’s always a mixed bag of emotions – nervousness, fear, pride, jubilation, excitement. And the moment when you step out of the shadows of the wings into the bright lights of the stage to the accompaniment of enthusiastic cheers and frantic clapping is always a moment to remember, no matter how many times you have done this.

Given that we have a solid repertoire and sound damn good, I am looking forward to this Sunday’s concert!

Will you be there?

A sampler of what to expect.

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