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Of margaritas and malu-ness

Yes, I am chao suaku*. All my life, the only alcohol that ever went past my lips were beer, red and white wine, champagne and alcoholic soda. Oh, not forgetting the occasional vodka lime/Ribena/cranberry when I went clubbing with my friends. Things like margaritas and Sex on the Beach were beyond me, I didn’t even know what they are made of.

So off I went today with my colleages for a “media team” drinks/dinner. We popped by Cafe Iguana at Riverside Point for a quick drink and ended up ordering a couple of jugs of margaritas. I was sitting beside colleague Pinkbee and she enthused about the strawberry margarita so much so that I had to try it. And it was delicious. The fruity taste was sweet but not overpowering, and the salt on the rim of the cup provided such an interesting juxtaposition of taste. I could have drunk the whole damn jug of it.

I am hooked. I am a margarita fan now, after almost three cups of it. And this is despite my faux pas, when I exclaimed to Pinkbee after taking my first few sips, “Wow, you can’t taste the vodka in it!” She said, with a straight face and a knowing look in her eyes, “It’s actually tequila.”

During dinner, where I killed my throat with a range of fried and oily food, a colleague dumped a mug of Tiger in front of me because, as she said, I looked like I could drink, whatever that meant. Since nobody else did, I decided to sacrifice myself and accepted it.

And then after that, colleagues A and Pinkbee, and I decided that the night was still young and we decided to adjourn to the nearby Brewerkz for a nightcap. The beer at Brewerkz went down so smoothly, Tiger (especially the warm ones) tastes like drain water compared to it. A and I have decided to go back down next Thursday when we have the monthly alumni gathering.

Maybe I was too drunk from all the alcohol, but I revealed this embarrassing incident (which I never told anyone) which happened during my return flight from Las Vegas.

I was lucky enough to fly Business Class on Singapore Airlines’ non-stop flight, and was seated next to a distinguished-looking man, Dr Lee. I have forgotten his full name although I remember that he is a director (or something like that) in a pharmaceutical company and volunteers at a free clinic on Sundays.

Anyway, he was a lovely man to talk to, very funny and approachable and we were having a lively conversation during one of the many meals that were served to us. Towards the end of the meal, I saw what I thought was white chocolate on my plate and thought to myself, cool, they provide such pretty-looking white chocolates, and popped the entire thing into my mouth.

To my immense horror, it was not white chocolate. The white blob was actually butter! I would have spat it out furtively if I was sitting in cattle class and not talking to anyone but no, there I was in Business Class and talking to a doctor. I couldn’t spit it out without looking like an idiot.

So I continued talking to Dr Lee, all the while trying to force the butter down my throat with copious amounts of water. Kudos to him though, for not asking me point-blank what on earth I was doing, stuffing butter down my throat.

Malu or not?
See, that’s why people gasp in shock when they realise what my alma mater is. They obviously expected somebody more submissive and money-grubbing. Well, too bad, it’s time the misconception of my school gets corrected anyway.

Okay, enough embarrassing stories for the night. Gotta try getting to work on time for once!

*Silly country bumpkin with no knowledge of much things

3 thoughts on “Of margaritas and malu-ness”

  1. not too bad leh. butter still edible. I once unwrapped a golden cube, popped it in my mouth thinkg its chocolate. but its those kind of chicken soup essence stuff. ( those kind you drop the cube into water and water magically tastes like some soup )


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