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When the penguins come marching

If you have not caught the movie The March of the Penguins yet, please do so.
It is such an amazing and wonderful movie, it puzzles me when people say that they are not interested in it.

I have always thought that penguins were such cute creatures. They look like they are wearing tuxedos and have such a funny way of waddling that it makes me laugh. Plus, animations of penguins are always rendered so hilariously (think the Mafia-esque penguins in the movie Madagascar) that it’s impossible for anyone to have a negative impression of penguins.

And after you have caught this movie, you will adore them even more. From the way they fly out of the water to land with a thud on the snow, to the way they lie on their white bellies to paddle forward when the terrain proves to be too tough for their short little legs, you can’t help but be charmed by them. And oh, the way the females had flapped their fins at one another in order to win over the sadly depleting population of males, the way the fathers had to stand in the bitter cold, with the snow falling fast and furious on them, just to protect the fragile egg huddled in the warmth between their legs and underneath their feathers–all these just made you want to reach out and hug them. I cried when a wayward penguin lost his way and would, in all probability, die out in the cold, when two careless parents caused their egg to be broken, when a little baby penguin died because it could not survive the cold and the wait for its mother to return with the food it had so needed.

And above all, I couldn’t help but wonder how the penguins could have done all that with a bunch of human beings filming next to them.

This is a story of the journeys that the penguins have to take, year after year, in order to maintain their population. It tells of courage, love and, of course, life and is a fascinating look at the wonders of nature.

Catch it if you can!

The trailer here, narrated by Morgan Freeman, seems to be nicer than the French version that I had watched.

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