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The chronicles of Narnia

Now that the dust of Harry Potter has settled, and there is no more Lord of the Rings to look forward to, I have found another endeavour which will take up most of my excitement and anticipation – The Chronicles of Narnia, by CS Lewis.

Yes, I do seem to have a penchant for reading children’s books, don’t I? But there is something about fantasy books, of magic and spells and talking beasts that draws my utmost attention. Whenever I read these books, it is almost as if I have fallen into the world of wonder, a world that does not exist here, a world spun from the threads of my imagination aided by the fluid writing of the authors.

Popartgirl had gotten me a boxed set of the chronicles at a MPH book sale for a mere $25 – how could I have resisted?

Once I started, I could not stop.

I read on the train while on the way to work and home, I read while my tuition student was busy drawing graphs and tabulating the sines and cosines of the world, I read every night before I slept. The world of Narnia was so enchanting that I simply could not put the books down.

CS Lewis writes in a simple fashion – his sentences are not long and meandering but rather, simple and straight to the point. Neither does he resort to using bombastic words, afterall, the series were meant for children. And yet, he manages to paint a wondrous world where animals were intelligent and could talk, creatures that you only read in mythology co-existed peacefully with people and animals, the Narnian air could make you a stronger person, and where the rulers were just, wise and beautiful.

And then, there is Aslan – the majestic lion who had created Narnia, and who is a key character that brings hope and happiness into the lives of the people living in Narnia.

The movie looks promising (catch the trailer here) and the casting of Tilda Swinton, last seen as the twisted angel Gabriel in Constantine, as the Wicked Witch is a clever one.

Can’t wait!

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