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Post-In Song

And just like that, the concert came and went.
With it, eight months worth of sweat and tears.
It never fails to amaze me how much hard work can be encapsulated in a single night – eight months of work condensed into a show of 80 minutes.


The weeks leading to In Song were no doubt nerve-racking. In addition to concentrating 101% on the songs, I had to multi-task and juggle different hats of responsibility for my first concert as an Exco member. The logistics were endless – letters to be read, name lists to be drawn, schools to be called, pitches to be sent, flowers to be bought, programme book/CD to be produced. Though the execution was done by my very able team of committee members, it was still a trying period making sure that things went on schedule and were done right.

Plus, there was the stress-inducing worry of ticket sales, which eventually culminated into a nightmare where I dreamt that the concert was over and we had only managed to sell 50% of the tickets. It felt so real that I woke up panicking, wondering why the sales were so dismal, only to calm down when I realised that it was just a dream.

Added on to my fears were the fact that I had not fully recovered. During the rehearsal, I went into a coughing fit and had to run off the stage in tears, desperately trying to stop the coughs.


And then suddenly, an hour before the concert, everything was forgotten. The stress, the worry, everything. It was just about going on stage to put on a good show and enjoying the singing.

It was definitely a good concert. I felt confident enough to sing out loud, instead of cowering in fear of my voice sticking out as I did in the past. And knowing that my family was there, watching me do what it is that I love, understanding why I disappear every Saturday afternoon – it felt good.

When it was over, all I could do was heave a sigh of relief. I felt like I could finally breathe again, and have some semblance of life outside of choir before the grind starts again.

Onward to Choir OlympicsWorld Choir Games 2006 next!

The altos hamming it up in front of the camera

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