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Batam weekend getaway

!(imgleft)!Theboyfriend and I took a short trip across the seas to Batam over the weekend for a little getaway since we had no choir practice for the first time in a long while and we had both been a little knackered and stressed over the logistics of the concert.

We stayed over at Batam View, whose website is unfortunately nicer than the actual premises. Perhaps it was because we were there during the super off-peak period but many of the so-called highlights, such as water sports and night life, were sadly not in sight. There were only two restaurants there so we basically had all our meals at the coffee house as it was located at a more convenient place.

Thankfully, it still turned out to be rather fun. I suppose it is a case of “it’s not what you do but who you do it with that matters”. The boyfriend and I trundled around the place, climbing up uneven steps and exploring the grounds. We hopped over the to spa and had a sports massage each, which would have been rather heavenly if not for the masseuses’ occasional strong and over-enthusiastic kneads (methinks the EFB would have approved). The service staff were wonderfully polite and helpful (Singaporeans could learn a thing or two from them), though language was a barrier.

If we ever do go back there again (unlikely, but never say never), we would definitely stay at the villas that are located right beside the beach (see photo). They are lovely brick houses with pointed chimneys, attic windows and balconies that opened out to the sea. They, however, cost a whopping S$400 per night so it would be best to go with friends.

I think I am addicted to massages.