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Music on Mondays (9): The one about catastrophes

I’m sure everyone who inhabits the civilised world would have known about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation she had left in her wake. Incomprehensible anarchy, the pain of death and loss, the feelings of helplessness and suffering. All that makes me grateful for the fact that I am born to this country where natural disasters mean a thunderstorm that uprooted trees.

The EFB said that he does not understand how a city could sink into such lawlessness, and compared it to the three-day blackout that KL had before. I think that this is as good a comparison as saying that apples are not as delicious as oranges. The massive scale of tragedy in New Orleans is nothing like a three-day blackout. Lights would still work after being fixed, but it could take New Orleans years to clean up and revive again.

There is just no comparison.

Somehow, the sombre mood of the events just seems so perfect for the setting of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah (link removed).

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