The organised chaos

The power of P

Over the past two days, I have come to understand the power of pee.
Yes, you read it right. Pee, urine, piss, whatever.
And that does not even include that fact that my future mobile phones can be powered by a drop of my body’s waste.

The human pee possesses the power to bring you down to your knees, to make life a living hell for you. I am totally exaggerating, of course, but anyway, problems with the pee can be traumatic and distressing.

I am actually blessed with a bladder of steel, as Popartgirl will no doubt attest to. I can usually slurp down bottles of water without feeling the urge to piss soon after. Hence, imagine my surprise, when I suddenly developed the urge to run to the loo every half an hour yesterday. Peeing became, literally, a pain in the ass because there was this weird sensation that accompanied the flow. I brushed it off as a temporary malfunction of my bladder and ignored it.

To my surprise, I actually woke up a few times during the night to go to the loo. And horrors of horrors, was that blood I saw in my pee?!

Off I went to see the doc in the morning. The usual GP was not around and in his place was a gay-sounding/looking one (gaydar alert). He diagnosed that I was suffering from urinary tract infection based on my symptoms. Just as I was feeling all worried about the bloody pee, he asked if I were married. I said no and he asked if I had a boyfriend. I said yes and suddenly, he gave me a knowing look and a smirk and then proceeded to tell me that UTI is caused by the bacteria trapped in the foreskin of a man’s errr manhood and that I should pee immediately after sex to get rid of the bacteria.

I could only sit there, speechless and amazed at his presumption. After he finished his little tirade, I shot back that trapped bacteria could not be the only cause of UTI and he replied, breezily, “Oh yes, you need to wipe your butt from front to back instead of back to front. If not, you are introducing bacteria into your body.”

With that, he dismissed me from the room with a casual wave.

Presumptious ass.

I did my own little research and found out that the infection is actually caused by the presence of a bacteria, E.coli, which had somehow escaped from the colon area. Hah. Sex is one of the causes but not the only one. Women tend to be more prone to UTI (yet another gender inequality at work here) and the chances of the infection recurring is high (damn). If untreated, the bacteria could move on to the kidneys, leading to kidney infection.

So ladies, always remember to wipe your butt front to back.
It’s very important.

He sure ain’t having UTI.

[Let’s play tag! ]

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