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Nano-lust and NATAS

Decisions, decisions.
I’m terrible at them.
I’d think, and hemmed and hawed about the possibilities, the alternatives for ages. And then, I’d seek advice from the people around me on their opinions, which is not necessarily be a good thing. Even when I have made a decision, I am still shrouded in uncertainty, wondering if it’s the best choice for me now and some time down the road.

Based on that scenario, I would have to say that this was definitely one of the better weekends I have had for a long time.

First of all, I have booked my flight for Siem Reap! After all the dithering and whining, the plans have finally been stamped, signed and approved. All that jostling at the blood-sucking NATAS travel fair was worth it, since we managed to unearth a good deal at S$430, inclusive of taxes and two nights’ accommodation.

When I say “we”, I meant my new-found favourite travel partner, EFB, as well as Trevor and X. Add a Nellie.C to the mix and we are all set to go to Cambodia!

Of course, when EFB says “Cambodia here I come!”, he really meant “Happy herb pizza here I come!!”. I’m tickled by his exuberance and enthusiasm.

Do I feel odd being the only girl in the group? Not really, given that I had grown up falling out of trees with male cousins. Plus, being a girl means I can whine and make them carry stuff for me, and I am going to demand the best bed for myself. Hur hur. I’d just have to suppress the intense urge to smother EFB with my pillows should he snore too loudly. Besides, I have these (stolen from the media lounge in Interop when I was at Las Vegas):

!(imgcenter) Dreams Herb Tea)!

I’ve got herbs of my own too

After all that physical exertion at NATAS, the EFB and I met the Boyfriend for dinner (mine obviously, not his). It was delicious prawn and pork rib noodles at Food Museum. Though way overpriced at $5 (I can get it for, like, a buck cheaper at my favourite Amoy Street), it was a gastronomic delight. And then, we headed down to Applecentre@Orchard where we managed to lay our hands on the exalted iPod nano (with “n” in lower caps, thank you).

If I weren’t already in lust, I am now. For this thing, this tiny creature of such impossible beauty and style has won me over. I had resisted the urge to upgrade my trusty, fat iPod for more than two years but now, the dam has been breeched.

I shall be a nano owner by the end of the week.
But don’t worry, I will brag and boast about it when the time comes. Toodles!

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