The organised chaos

Numbers nightmare

Words, words words,
I’m so sick of words.
I get words all day through
First from him, now from you.
Is that all you blighters can do?
–Eliza Doolittle lamenting in “Show Me”

Back when I was in SCGS choir (it’s da school man, it’s even got its own wiki), we used to put up musicals for our concerts. During my last year there, we put up a mini version of My Fair Lady and together with three fellow singers, I put my heart and soul into playing the part of a chambermaid (haha!). We were known fondly as the san ba maids. It was a most enjoyable performance. Let me see if I can dig up an old pic somewhere.

Anyway, the songs have more or less been ingrained in my mind, almost 10 years since I left my alma mater (yes, I am that old). That particular song, sung by Eliza when she was frustrated with all the phonetics lessons she was getting, just popped into my brains this morning.

I think it has something to do with the project that I am handling now. The way I stare into the depths of Excel spreadsheets and punch numbers into the calculator, you would think that I am a full-fledged accountant. Given that I have absolutely no affinity for numbers (except probably money) and flunked my way through junior college, you can see why numbers are a nightmare for me.

Numbers, numbers, numbers
I’m so sick of numbers!!!