Silly things

Quotable quotes

As a journalist, one of the best things to happen is when subjects, be it interviewees or speakers, shed all their PR inhibitions and let loose their lips. They either take (un)intelligent potshots at anything and everything, or say the darnest things that make you go, did he just say that?

Here are some of the best that I have read this week.

“Maybe on Friday they get their 30th virus of the week on their PC and they decide to go check out a Mac.” –Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the Apple Expo in Paris, on how iPod users might be tempted to switch

“Music companies make more money when they sell a song on iTunes than when they sell a CD. If they want to raise prices, it’s because they’re greedy. If the price goes up, people turn back to piracy – and everybody loses.” –Steve Jobs waxes lyrical about music companies

“We want to go after as much as we can. I’m an investor in Salesforce, and I want to see my investment go to zero.” — Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on his company’s competition with rival

“When Microsoft put up a database to track customer credit-card numbers, it took 45 minutes to be broken into. I’m not here to make fun of Microsoft. Well, not a lot.” — Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on the security efforts of his rivals

“There are some zealots that think there should be no software jobs, that we should all, like, cut hair during the day and write code at night.” –Microsoft chairman Bill Gates on the debate of Microsoft vs. Google

“This is the $8- to $10-billion of research and development we’ve done over the last five years starting to bear fruit. Any one of these activities, I believe, could be our iPod moment.” –Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy holding out for an iPod moment in his company’s products

“It’s the first time we’re using a word-of-mouth campaign to drive interest, instead of a traditional ad campaign.” –a spokesperson for Dell, on the lack of an advertising campaign for its iPod shuffle wannabe, the Dell DJ Ditty. For a contrast, take a read at John Gruber‘s take on how proud Dell is of this product.