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Ouch, says the foot

I popped over to the gym today after work, determined to pound some treadmill and chalk up some distance. While I managed to push myself to run/walk for 40 minutes, beyond my usual comfort zone of 30 minutes, I could only manage 5.5km, 0.5km short of my targeted 6km.

A pity, really, because I had been in fine form during the run. I had no real pain in my side and I forced myself to breathe regularly through the nose rather than just gasping for air. The music roaring in my ears, via my iPod, was making the run on the treadmill more enjoyable than usual.

But curses, my right foot started hurting and I was practically running in pain before I decided to stop playing hero and walked for the remaining period. I had aggravated the injury, picked up a week ago while running, by pushing my speed from 9.2km/h to 9.6km/h.

Robert, the PT, told me I had better lay off running for a while so as to let the injury heal. Since it had not recovered fully in a week, I suppose I had better rule out any high-impact exercise for the next two weeks. His advice was for me to replace running with swimming, the elliptical machine or the stationary bike.


This totally sucks.
I was so looking forward to my weekly run, building up for the eventual 10km that I would have to pound for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I had to limp back to the office to dump my gym gear while sipping my milo and feeling very sorry for myself.

The only good news is that I had weighed myself after the run and downing many paper cups of water, and it was exactly 40kg. I had put on weight! The five-meals-a-day routine is starting to work.

Here’s how:
8.30am – finish breakfast of bread and tea, and bugger off to work
10.30am – half a cup of cereal in milk or a muesli bar (plus an occasional banana)
1.00pm – lunch
4.00pm – half a cup of cereal in milk or a muesli bar and tea
9.00pm – dinner

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2 thoughts on “Ouch, says the foot”

  1. I’m a skinny monkey!
    But a short one though, at 1.58m.

    Gah! Why are you shutting your blog, A?
    How am I supposed to live my life vicariously through you as you trample around NYC now that I can’t read about your adventures?


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