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Oh, and one more thing….


After weeks of wild speculation, crazy rumours and exciting anticipation, Oct 12 has finally descended upon us! For the uninitiated, this is yet another day when Apple Computer will be unleashing its new, unknown product to the dedicated Apple fans who will probably lap it up with relish.

Due to be unveiled tonight, Singapore time, the product launch has been watched closely simply because of the one invite that Apple had cleverly sent out:

Yes, just that one email blast bearing a picture of a red-curtained theatre and the words “One more thing” has generated a feverish buzz amongst Apple lovers all across the globe. For the uninitiated (again), “one more thing” is the pet phrase of Steve Jobs beforehe launches products that have been wildly hyped up weeks before. Sounds familiar?

Anyhow, I sure hope that it’s not something that will trump my iPod nano (which is still stuck somewhere in….Bangkok?), although Apple has stated that the iPod nano will not be the last iPod to be launched this year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled this holiday season!

Moving back home, Singapore will soon have another Apple centre! To be called iShop, the centre is set up by the local equivalent of Donald Trump, only in fashion and not real estate, Christina Ong. Ong is, of course, the head honcho of Club 21, the company that brings in uber chic fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Song & Kelly 21 and Diesel, among others.

iShop will be located at Cathay Cineleisure and looks certain to be swanky, chic and kickass spacious. Exciting!

Question: does it mean that all my Apple accessories will now be at Club 21 prices too?