Everything Else, Health Goddess


I popped over to the gym during my lunch hour to give the good ‘ol heart a workout and also to up the distance of my running. Gack. It was an utter failure.

I could only manage a paltry 6.5km in 45 minutes of walking and running. How the heck am I going to finish the quarter marathon in Dec in a decent time? Sobs.

Think I need to start pounding on real ground soon. Running on treadmill is rather boring, I always have to find something to focus on to keep my eyes from drifting back to the control panel of the treadmill. Today, it was the wide back of a balding Caucasian man.

Some random thoughts while running:
Okay, that must have been at least two minutes. What?! It’s been only 30 seconds?

I’ll slow down at 4km. Okay, fug, am only at 1.9km.

Am I running faster or is she running faster?

Whoo hoo, another iPod user!

Is that dude swimming or just splashing around for the fun of it?

And now, I am sulking because by the time I had finished showering in that freezer masquerading as a shower cubicle, dry my hair and slap on some makeup to look presentable, it was already nearing the end of my lunch hour. So I rushed back to office WITHOUT LUNCH.

Good heavens. To NOT eat is already torturous enough, to ill-treat my stomach after a run is a sin.

Am now cruising along on the contents of a cup of hot Milo, one Milo energy bar and one Uncle Toby’s Strawberry Yoghurt Topps muesli bar. Very healthy. But so unsatisfying.

Milo: 17.6g carbohydrates, 3.3g protein
Milo bar: 29.5g carbohydrates, 3.0g protein
Muesli bar: 20.9g carbohydrates, 2.6g protein
Total: 68.0g carbohydrates (miserable), 8.9g protein

Wonder if that’s enough to replace the stuff that I had burnt up during the run. I need meat. Grrrr.

Update: Bought myself sandwiches. Yummy.