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I popped over to the gym during my lunch hour to give the good ‘ol heart a workout and also to up the distance of my running. Gack. It was an utter failure.

I could only manage a paltry 6.5km in 45 minutes of walking and running. How the heck am I going to finish the quarter marathon in Dec in a decent time? Sobs.

Think I need to start pounding on real ground soon. Running on treadmill is rather boring, I always have to find something to focus on to keep my eyes from drifting back to the control panel of the treadmill. Today, it was the wide back of a balding Caucasian man.

Some random thoughts while running:
Okay, that must have been at least two minutes. What?! It’s been only 30 seconds?

I’ll slow down at 4km. Okay, fug, am only at 1.9km.

Am I running faster or is she running faster?

Whoo hoo, another iPod user!

Is that dude swimming or just splashing around for the fun of it?

And now, I am sulking because by the time I had finished showering in that freezer masquerading as a shower cubicle, dry my hair and slap on some makeup to look presentable, it was already nearing the end of my lunch hour. So I rushed back to office WITHOUT LUNCH.

Good heavens. To NOT eat is already torturous enough, to ill-treat my stomach after a run is a sin.

Am now cruising along on the contents of a cup of hot Milo, one Milo energy bar and one Uncle Toby’s Strawberry Yoghurt Topps muesli bar. Very healthy. But so unsatisfying.

Milo: 17.6g carbohydrates, 3.3g protein
Milo bar: 29.5g carbohydrates, 3.0g protein
Muesli bar: 20.9g carbohydrates, 2.6g protein
Total: 68.0g carbohydrates (miserable), 8.9g protein

Wonder if that’s enough to replace the stuff that I had burnt up during the run. I need meat. Grrrr.

Update: Bought myself sandwiches. Yummy.

5 thoughts on “Fatigued”

  1. yes, run along reservoir or something like that…damn shiok…if you’re lucky like me, maybe can even catch people doing dragonboat races.

    but 45 min for 6.5km very fast what…
    i can run long, but very slowly….


  2. Think I will probably go down to ECP this Sunday to run. Wanna join?

    I didn’t think my speed was very fast since it was done on a treadmill. Maybe I should try a slower speed and see if I can run for longer period of time. But it’s really boring on the treadmill, I want to stop after 45 minutes.


  3. treadmill run and outdoor run is really different leh! really really different. take it from me, my ankles are screaming for help now hahaha. yikes


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