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LMS: The lovely Tian

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Yoohoo, Little Miss Shopaholic is back!

Thrifty LMS (now, doesn’t that just sounds like an oxymoron) has been holding on very tightly to her wallet in preparation for her week-long holiday next week. But this doesn’t mean that she is averse to sharing with you her shopping experiences.

Today, she would like to introduce to all you lurvies out there a brand that she has come to appreciate: Tian.

Meaning “field” in Chinese, Tian is located at Parco Bugis Junction and the newly renovated Raffles Exchange (a most exciting place).

The first time LMS swooned over their clothes was a few moons back, when she happened to be at Bugis Junction. Her eagle eyes spotted this whimsical deconstructed denim skirt and she quickly zoomed over to pull out the lovely piece of art from the racks.

Imagine this: a knee-length flared denim skirt with panels of a lighter shade. LMS loves to twirl a few rounds in front of the mirror and see the skirt sway gently like the palm trees do when the sea breeze kisses them. How pretty!

But it was a hefty S$79.90 and frugal LMS decided that it was a total rip-off, not matter how beautifully it swings. Patience certainly pays off for, what do you know, the pretty skirt on sale recently! At merely $48, 40% off the original price, LMS could not resist and her wallet was whipped out in an instant, with no hesitation.

Today, she was drawn to the shop like a magnet for an elegant black top was just calling out her name. It’s a crinkle black shirt (no need to iron, how convenient!) with ruffles down the front and a small lace panel at the back. No tackiness, for LMS abhors tacky things. Tsk tsk.

LMS says, go check out the store! They have some really wicked stuff, although you may find some duds too.

1 thought on “LMS: The lovely Tian”

  1. yo! i’m leaving my 1st grubby trace on ur tastefully-designed website…though i dun think u designed it urself:) but let’s just pretend u did… ok, on a girlish note n picking up on ur bugis junction pt, i just wanna whine about my shopping encounter at bugis junction just a couple of days ago. U see, for the past few months, I hit a dry spell in shopping… I just did not feel like buying any clothes (surprise surprise, ok, partly coz my wallet is kinda, errm, thin). Only things I bought were strictly functional like work tops (totally boring, just functional). And then, last Friday, while waiting for my beau to arrive, I entered this shop in bugis junction called “Lver” or something. And I saw TWO (yes! All of two!) items I could have snapped up on the spot. One white structured tube top and another stripey structured dress (yes, structured is in—to my fashion bible, that is) BUT they were only available in XL and L!!! I think I only could fit into them in JC when I was a hefty 58-threatening-to-hit-60-kg babe. How come my fashion outings are just NOT working out?!?! Please advise, Little Miss LMS!! Ok. I should not be using to many bytes on ur site. U see la, ask u to set up blog for me, u refuse, now I come and blog on your site.


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