Till a week later

Goodbye everyone!
I’ll be boarding a plane in an hour’s time as I embark on my journey to Cambodia.
How cool is that?!
I’m so excited, the fact that I am still in office rushing to finish some work now (yes now, at this very moment) is not dampening my spirits.

Anyway, check back here for sporadic updates and if you are really bored, hop right to my photos page (right nav bar) cos it’s finally up!

Happy Diwali/Hari Raya in advance!


The organised chaos

Lazy Sunday at The French Stall

I have been wanting to check out The French Stall for the longest time but never really had the opportunity to. Jimm and I were supposed to (finally) dine at the low budget French eatery yesterday but were dragged by friends to Chomp Chomp to feast on sambal stingray, chwee kueh, char kway teow, pizza and prawn noodles, washed down by sugar cane juice and egg beancurd. But that’s another story.


It was probably a good thing that we went today instead because the place was relatively quiet when we arrived at about 6.40pm. There were empty tables and the staff were attentive and helpful. Half the customers were probably Caucasian while the rest were locals.

I decided to go for the three-course set, which started at $13.80, depending on which starter or dessert you chose. We started off with half a dozen of escargots, garlic bread and pumpkin soup. The escargots were delightfully succulent and not rubbery as some rubbish restaurants would have you eat. Garlic bread was fragrant though the bread was not as toasted as we had preferred. Pumpkin soup was light and tasty. Just in time for halloween.


I picked the Pan-friend chicken leg (cannot remember exact name lah) as my main course, which was rather delicious though nothing to shout about. The tomato-based gravy was nice and flavourful, with just a hint of sweetness. The scoop of rice went quite nicely with the gravy and reminded me a little of nasi briyani, actually.

Jimm was cleverer, he picked an ala carte item off the “special” list – grilled chicken. It was ABFAB DELICIOUS! The chicken was so full of flavour, nice and juicy. The tastes just burst in your mouth. The potato slices were crispy but not too dry and really yummy. I was rather jealous.


After the meal, my dessert came. It was aptly called the “giant profiterole with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drizzled chocolate sauce”. It was truly a giant profiterole! The vanilla ice-cream was capped by the profiterole and was smooth and fragrant. I’m usually not a fan of vanilla but I was won over by this. They were generous with both the serving of chocolate sauce and ice-cream and it was heavenly! We slurped up every morsel, every drip of chocolate.


The meal came up to about $54 for the both of us but we figured that it was well worth it, considering the quality of the food and service. Everything fitted into our tummies neatly, nobody was suffering from over-eating (as I did the day before from the stuffing) and the servings were just filling. It’s a “must go again” place.

After dinner, we headed down to Suntec City because I was hoping to catch the Sportslink sale to grab a pair of running shoes. Instead of picking up shoes, Jimm picked out a neat green velour Nike jacket from the racks and urged me to try it. I did, fell in love and then fell out of love decidedly after seeing the price tag. As we walked out of the hall, the silly man kept teasing me, “Sure you don’t want it? It looked nice on you and probably costs more outside. How? I’ll pay for it lah.” Blasted.


In the end we walked back in and bought the jacket. I got the cashier to snip off the tags and wore it there and then to hide the ah lian outftt I had on (tank top and denim mini skirt, what was I thinking?!).

It’s rather nice to have a boyfriend who doesn’t see shopping as a chore and instead, enjoys picking out things for me to try on. Usually, the stuff he picks out are clothes that I would never really imagine myself wearing but inevitably, they would look nice on me. He’s cool about waiting for me to try on clothes, gives honest opinions and doesn’t ask silly questions like “why do you need another pair of black heels?”. A very good man, indeed.

Tis a happy day indeed, especially since I have finished packing for my trip!
Okay the bed beckons.