Till a week later

Goodbye everyone!
I’ll be boarding a plane in an hour’s time as I embark on my journey to Cambodia.
How cool is that?!
I’m so excited, the fact that I am still in office rushing to finish some work now (yes now, at this very moment) is not dampening my spirits.

Anyway, check back here for sporadic updates and if you are really bored, hop right to my photos page (right nav bar) cos it’s finally up!

Happy Diwali/Hari Raya in advance!


3 thoughts on “Till a week later”

  1. The photos page is brilliant, and in the normal course of events, I would actually compliment you, but in this case, I am inclined to believe that it’s the work of your better half. And since I don’t know him, or if he reads your blog (maybe you two have some sort of pact not to read each other’s blogs), I shall keep my awe to myself.

    Anyway, primarily, have a safe trip, and secondarily, have fun. It’s late and my english is in pieces.


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