The organised chaos

The Christmas aftermath

So Christmas came and went.

I had commented to the boyfriend that this year’s festivities seem to be a little more subdued than before. The roads were less jammed with human bodies and there was just something lacking in the air. Even caroling seemed less enjoyable than before. Perhaps we were getting older.

“!(imgleft)!(From resorting to eye patches to piling on the concealor)”:

We actually went into Christmas eve on a sour note. The two of us had a nasty fight on the eve of the eve and I had gone to bed pissed off with him for giving me grief and puffy eyes the next day (had to resort to eye patches chockful of collagen and some stuff). It was something insensitive that he had said and it sparked off a lot of laments that I had, such as his lack of initiative in applying his brains to planning dates (it’s always me saying “let’s do this” and “let’s go here”) and our seemingly non-existent future.

He gave me my present in the evening and urged me to open it but I ignored him for most part of the day, until we ended up in his house watching television in silence somehow. And then he mustered up enough courage to poke through my icy wall and I finally dignified him with a proper answer.

Initially, I had thought that he was going to present me with something like an external hard disk drive (yes, we are that sort of couple) or a DECT phone but somehow, the size of the present (which was wrapped in black plastic laundry bag, I must add) didn’t fit. I opened it and the rest is history. Shall not go into the whole sob story (literally, I think I flooded his shirt by trying to reject the gift), which revolved around “I don’t want it, you take it” to “it’s too expensive, I don’t want it”.

I am not sure why but somehow, a couple of my friends gave me mini-hell for accepting his gift eventually. They accused me of selling out, given that I had been seriously unhappy with him less than 24 hours ago, and said that I was easily bribed. I don’t understand. The things that happen between a couple remain within us, am I supposed to explain to all and sundry what conversations we had and how we had talked to clear things out? Why were they saying things like that?

It marred the whole Christmas experience a little but well, I brushed it off as nothing more than friends’ jesting. I never expected the gift, nor had I asked for it. It came as a total surprise and I only accepted it because I know what it means to him.

We then spent most of Christmas day with friends and family (mine) and I think it wasn’t any spectacular decoration or wild partying that made it a nice Christmas for us, but the love and joy we felt amongst our company.

Now, am looking forward to NYE and then hey! it’s going to be my birthday soon. Did I mention how much I love December and January?

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