Two of Us

He ain’t heavy, he’s my fairy

Hello everyone, this is me:

Cheers to you!

Yes, cheers to you on the start of the new year. Anyway, I look like a normal enough girl, don’t I? No third nostril or fourth eyebrow or fifth mouth. But somehow, I seem to attract the darnest people. For example, him below:

The fairy waveth

He’s a frigging fairy! And he happens to be my longtime boyfriend of exactly six years and one day. Why does this man have a tiara on his head? Why why why? Because when he took me to Prego for a surprise anniversary dinner on the last day of 2005, the restaurant was gaily decorated and the management made the effort to provide its patrons with some tools.

Scene at Prego

See the chap in the photo? He is normal, he was wearing a hat which was obviously meant for the males while the tiara was obviously meant for the ladies. But my boyfriend, no he must be different, he preferred the tiara to the hat. Worse, he started waving an imaginary wand about, while I nearly gagged on my wine.

Other than that small oddity, we had a good dinner. It had been fun because I did not know where we were going for dinner and he was really good at keeping secrets. I resorted to guerilla tactics by springing my own surprises on him (“Oh look, what a nice wallet! Is it Marche?”) until he threatened to make me pay for dinner if I guessed the location correctly. From then on, my guess ranged from Subway to McDonald’s (it happened once, though we have both forgotten why we ended up eating Macs burgers for our anniversary).

After our meal, when no more of that delicious tiramisu from Prego could slip stealthily into our bulging stomachs, we made our way down to Esplanade to partake in some fireworks. We strolled to the bridge in front of Fullerton Hotel and were royally annoyed that the crowd was already there, at 10.30pm, waiting patiently for the show to start. In the end, we had to park ourselves somewhere along the road to wait for the countdown.

Fireworks viewers

Ironically, the countdown never happened. One moment, we were standing there from five minutes to 11 until midnight, and then suddenly, the skies exploded all around us.

But it was really magical. When the fireworks burst into life, the crowd was awed and in perfect synchrony, we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed together. Even though we had been standing there for more than an hour, it just felt complete. Maybe it’s because of the vein of joy that was running through everyone at Esplanade. Maybe it was due to the presence of the boyfriend’s nice solid arms around me as we stood together, exactly six years after we decided to give us a shot. Oh, and he was wearing the tiara the whole time. No photos because we were in a rubbish position. And some dumb monkey was bouncing around me, trying to get a better view and blocking my view at the same time.

When the show ended, we both hugged and kissed on the crowded bridge, and then turned to walk to the MRT station. Even fairies have to take public transport, apparently. They just prance their way to the station, waving their wands about daintily.

We is the fairy queens

And that concludes my weird new year’s eve story.

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