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Music 4 Mondays (18): The one about soundtracks

After an absence of several weeks, Music 4 Mondays is back with a bonanza issue! Here are five songs from five of my favourite soundtracks.

1. Battlestar Galactica

!(imgcenter)http://cynics.info/backlogs/media/20051004battlestargalactica.jpg(Battlestar Galactica)!

Right, by now you would have known that I am just a huge fan of the show. It’s dark, gritty, engaging and realistic for a sci-fi show. Unlike other sci-fi shows, there are no pointy-eared aliens chasing after the humans. Instead, we have the Cylons, robots that were created by the humans, whose evolution is now beyond the intelligence and comprehension of their creators. Oh, and the cast is ab-fab sexy too.

The soundtrack is a fusion of many influences, from orchestra to muzak, but the predominant sound is tribal, due to the generous use of the percussive instruments and drums. It’s a wonderful complement to the show, conveying suspense, sadness and hope in all 30 tracks.

One of my favourite tracks is the humorous Battlestar Operatica, which is essentially an Italian opera. But underneath the posh sounds, the translated lyrics just kills you:
Woe upon your Cylon heart
There’s a toaster in your head
And it wears high heels

Number Six calls to you
The Cylon Detector beckons
Your girlfriend is a toaster

Woe upon your Cylon heart
Alas, disgrace! Alas, sadness and misery!

The toaster has a pretty dress
Red like its glowing spine
Number Six whispers
By your command

The characters in the show term the Cylons toasters, due to their shiny chrome finishing. Of course, that was before they realised that the Cylons could now look and talk exactly like human beings.

Battlestar Operatica

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