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McMac Clan in full force

What the hell is McMac Clan?

According to my friend Ed, the McMac Clan comprises of crazy Mac people who are, well, crazy about Mac stuff. Before that Apple-crazy man of mine went to bed since, as I tell him, he is now a responsible working adult, he specifically told me to catch the Stevenote at Macworld should I be “awake at 1am”.

But, I said, there is no live webcast of the keynote. Oh, trust me, he said, there will be plenty of people writing about it.

And so, the McMac Clan is out in full force. My RSS feeds for Mac-related subscriptions are jumping every minute.

So, what do we have so far?

  • 8 million videos sold since the launch
  • New widgets stuff. iLife ’06. iPhoto with RSS function
  • Garageband with built-in podcast function
  • iWeb that allows for sharing of photos, videos, blogs, music etc online
  • OS update to 10.4.4
  • iTunes update to 6.0.2
  • New iPod radio remote control with tuner at a price of US$49 for iPod 5G and iPod nano (yay yay yay!)

iPod radio remote

Me likey very much.

And now, drum roll please. The moment we have all been speculating about for months. The moment that has sent the McMac Clan worldwide into throes of crazed wonderment and lusty desire.

The first Intel-based Mac, with dual-core processing!

The new Intel-based iMac

The honour goes to the iMac!
Well, the new Intel-based ones look just like before. But they have had a heart transplant and now every new iMac will come bundled with dual processors. And they are equipped with better graphics card too. I am so impressed. I want. Did I mention that there is no change in the current pricing, apparently? Buy buy buy!

In addition, let’s now bid farewell to the PowerBook line for they have been replaced by the MacBook Pro (I just don’t like that name). Goodbye PowerBook, you have won many a fan over with your sleek lines and smooth metallic finish. We will miss you.

The new MacBookPro

MacBook Pro comes with dual-core processors too (gaaaah!) and is touted to be four times faster than the current PowerBook G4. Oh, apparently they just couldn’t fit the G5 processor in (boo to IBM). And the MacBook Pro is definitely anorexic, it’s kickass thin and even comes with built-in iSight. Thin thin thin.

I positively hate Apple. They keep coming up with products to suck my bank account dry. Now, I have to get the iPod radio remote, in addition to the iTrip and the leather case that I had been planning to acquire. And that is on top of the armband that I had already procured.

I am such a weird female. I actually find dual-core processing sexy.
But only in a Mac. I still hate peecees, disgusting little pieces of machinery they are.

Now, I need to wipe up that drool and go to bed as I have a birthday dinner to attend tomorrow. Who wants to buy me a new Intel-based iMac for my 25th 18th birthday?

PS: By the way, I wasn’t really staying up just to catch the live updates. I was watching Battlestar Galactica (Lee kissed Kara and the map of Earth has been found, hurrah!). Weird female likes sci-fi too.

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