The organised chaos

25 years and 3 days

The birthday came and went, without much pomp or fuss.
Midnight arrived, received a whole bunch of messages from friends, which continued well into the day and the next.

I remarked to Trevor about how it felt so low-key, so non-anticipated, as compared to years before when I would be really excited, like a child given a jar full of Kit-Kat. Maybe it’s because I am finally reaching the age where birthdays are just not that important anymore. Or maybe it’s because I am currently gainfully unemployed, starting each day at 12pm. Weirdly enough, I did not blow out a single candle, nor tasted a single slice of birthday cake.

“!(imgecenter)!(Min and Me)”:

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself. I met up with my oldest friend in the world the day before the big two five, and had dinner in Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge on a rainy and miserable Wednesday night. We have been pals for the past 12 years, having started our friendship in the choir room of our alma mater. I remember how, during a musical that the choir had put up in Secondary 2, she was playing the character of a fisherman clad in a white tee and some sarong. Inexplicably, her white tee shirt became really grubby and dirty. I had made a joke out of that and from there, our everlasting friendship was sealed.

Anyway, we both had delicious set dinners at Royal Copenhagen at the second level of Takashimaya. Costing $19.90++ each, I enjoyed a giant helping of rack of lamb cooked in lemon thyme gravy while she had the mini sandwiches set. Did I say they were delicious? They were awesome. I loved my rack of lamb, I wanna go back again.

“!(imgleft)!(Royal Copenhagen)”:

Because it was a cold and wet evening, the lounge was relatively empty and quiet, which was nice. I have been there during tea time during the Christmas period and the noise level was just too high, especially due to the small, enclosed area. The ambience was cosy and comfortable, despite the freezing temperatures, and I loved eating out of the quaint chinaware that is Royal Copenhagen’s trademark.

The next day, I had dinner with the boyfriend. We played the guessing game again, with him choosing a surprise venue for our meal. But then again, because I am such a smart girl, I knew exactly where he was taking me to, hur hur.

And the secret location was….Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt! It’s like a little Singapore encapsulated in a restaurant – you have a wide variety of local-styled food (think laksa, chicken rice, popiah etc) served in a buffet setting. Thumbs up for the great service and nice ambience. Foodwise, it wasn’t excellent but good nonetheless. We ate till we couldn’t walk. I love buffets. And him too, as an afterthought. Oops.

I want to add a shoutout to my friends, who very sweetly gave me a huge ang pow for my present! Exactly what I wanted. And asked for. Yay to Trevor! And to my sista who bought me this really funky bright pink pair of Nike track pants.

So nothing breathtaking, just simple nice evenings out.

I’m in my mid-twenties. ARGH!!!

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4 thoughts on “25 years and 3 days”

  1. Happy belated birthday! Just came back from SFO… Hope to catch up soon, and ooh, Royal Copenhagen sounds absolutely delishhh!


  2. I love royal copenhagen tea lounge. I used to hang out there with my friend Nami quite a lot.
    I am going to eat delicious cakey there again when I go back!
    And happy belated birthday (very very belated)


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