The organised chaos

Operation Purple Palace

Ever since we moved into the flat, the three of us have been playing merry-go-round. I was initially placed in the second-largest (or second smallest, depending on whether you see the glass as half empty or half full) because my sister agreed to take the smallest one in exchange for my not staying in hall during my university years.

Shortly after, my sister grew annoyed at her crappy carpark-facing room and demanded a change but I refused. So she got my mother to switch with her instead, since my mother normally rules the household from the living room.

Later, the sista decided to move out and we let her bedroom stay empty since my mother was not too keen on moving her things around again and I was perfectly happy with mine. A year ago, my mama opened our doors to let two of our distant relatives from China to lodge with us and it was then decided that I would take over the sista’s old room and let the newcomers occupy mine. And it is thus how I moved to her old room, which was painted green according to Her Majesty’s (my mum) orders.

Okay green is so not me and since I am now gainfully unemployed, I decided that I should take this time to tweak my room a little. Since I have not the money to buy a whole new set of furniture or tear down all the legacy shelves and stuff, I decided that painting the room was my only viable choice. So tah dah! Operation Purple Palace begins.

“!(imgcenter)!(The first step)”:

Lesson learnt: never write silly stuff on your wall while painting. Because later, you will definitely have to spend more effort to repaint over it to make sure it blends in well with the rest of the wall.

“!(imgcenter)!(Mama’s help)”:

I stopped briefly for lunch and when I was done, I was surprised to find that my mum had disappeared from the face of the earth. She was not in the kitchen, nor was she in her room or the living room. Surprise surprise, she was holed up in my room, helping me with the painting!

“I’m only here because I think I am better painter than you, okay,” she huffed. Haha.

After that, she left to prepare for dinner and do her own thang but she kept popping in to see my progress.

“So slow,” she said. I pointed out how I was more meticulous than her, taping the edges of the ceiling and windows and painting in the vertical direction while hers was horizontal.

“!(imgcenter)!(One down, three to go)”:

After a few labourious hours, some bruises on my knees from the kneeling, and a few blisters on my hand, my wall is finally done! Hurrah!

Now for the other three to be completed on Sunday, with some help. Tee hee.