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Do not let my skinny slender form deceive you. Beneath the tanned skin and pointy bones lies a lean, mean eating machine, who is always on the lookout for great tasting food. Anyway, this is in three parts because I am reminiscing about three different food places.

“!(imgleft)!(Rafee and I – groupie shot)”:

Part I: I love my tea, any sort of tea ranging from the chi-chi earl grey tea to the suburban teh si. I drink at least two cups a day. During my six-month stint at the-horrid-company-that-shall-not-be-named, I found myself a regular at Rafee’s Corner, a wonderful teh stall on the second floor of Amoy Street food market.

Now, Rafee and I became good friends ever since he noticed me queueing for my teh halia (ginger tea) almost everyday. We ask about each other, he tells me about his plans for Hari Raya and I told him about me leaving the company. When I went to buy my almost daily fix after my holiday, he even joked to me, “Ay, no wonder everyday when I count my money, it seems lesser! It’s because you not around lah.”

“!(imgleft)!(The wondrous cups of tea)”:

And oh how I love his teh halia. It’s nice and spicy, not too acidic (as stale teh-o is wont to be after a while) with just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, he really tariks his drinks, unlike other pretenders. Addictive stuff, I tell you. He’s made it to the front page of Sunday Life teh tarik coverage!

Part II: Last Friday, the dude and I went on a pseudo date. Pseudo because we didn’t really spend that much time together but I guess it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality.

“!(imgleft)!(Nice ambience at The Cheesecake Cafe)”:

Initially, we wanted to pop over to Geylang for some smooth and slurpy tau huay but parking was just non-existent along that mad stretch of road. I was initially tempted to just park myself at a durian stall to feast on its deliciously pungent flesh but in the end, we decided to give The Cheesecake Cafe a try, since Hucks had waxed lyrical about it not too long ago.

I really like the place! We were shown into a seat right at the very back of the cafe, despite it being a Friday night, and it was rather cosy and comfy. We didn’t have to shout at each other in order to be heard and it gave us a chance to relax in the warm ambience.

“!(imgleft)!(Our food)”:

And the best thing is, the cheesecakes we had were fabulous! My strawberry oreo cheesecake was a tad too sweet but the lightness of the cheesecake more than made up for it. The boyfriend had a rum and raisin cheesecake which he deemed “wonderfully done” because the rum was at the right amount and did not overwhelm the cake.

Prices seem pretty decent ($25 for two slices of cake and two drinks) and the service staff were attentive and prompt. Yay, new hangout place!

Part III: Enjoyed a double date (sort of) with the Popartgirl and Joker tonight. While roaming around the newly revamped Marina Square (gack, I was completely lost in that place), we chanced upon Fin Seafood Cafe and decided to give it a try.

Baaaad move.

“!(imgleft)!(I is not liking this pasta)”:

While my fish and chips were pretty decent, Popartgirl’s soft shell crab pasta was a complete letdown. The sauce, which sounded exotic (“blah blah chili crab sauce”) on paper was disappointing to the taste. Eeks.

But well, we had a lot of fun and laughter throughout the evening. It reminded me of how it used to be during our undergraduate days, when we would whizz over downtown to go shopping or binge on food that we could not get in the far flung jungles of the extreme West. We sort of lost that along with graduation, maybe because we assumed that seeing each other once a week during choir practice would be enough. Anyway, I resolve to spend more time with my friends in future. We’ve made a date to go for some buffet feast in the near future. Yay!

To end off, here’s an unflattering and rather narcissistic photo of myself. I look tired because I have been spending my days playing shopgirl at my cousin’s boutique. Come visit if you feel the need to buy new clothes. Team Collections (rather uninspiring name but well….) is at the third level of the Arcade (Raffles Place). Toodles!

“!(imgcenter)!(Check out my eyebags)”:

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