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Gorgeous iPod cases


Ooh lah lah, Little Miss Shopaholic is back with a vengeance!

Now that I am the proud new owner of a two-months-old fifth generation iPod with video, I have been on the lookout for sweet leather cases to keep the smooth backside of my precioussss from getting scratches.

However, the problem with most of the leather cases is that they often add bulk to the svelte lines of the iPod, and they tend to look stale and boring, undermining the gorgeous form factor of the gadget. In my quest for the perfect iPod case, I have unearthed several swoonworthy cases that will enhance the sexy streamlined look of the iPod. The flip side is (and there always is one) that beauty often comes at a price.

iPod shuffle
“!(imgleft)!(Coach iPod Shuffle case)”:

This colourful calfskin leather case from Coach is, by far, the prettiest case I have seen for the iPod shuffle. Of course, I am extremely biased because it is made up of colours that I love – red, pink and purple.

It comes attached with a 12″ leather strap, enabling you to hang the funky gadget with its funky leather cover around your neck. The little Coach metal tag gives the case a classy and stylish finish. Makes me want to buy an iPod shuffle all over again.

The damage: USD$58 (ding!)

iPod mini
Before we begin, let us maintain a minute of silence over the iPod mini‘s demise on September 7, 2005 as it died an early death to make way for the iPod nano.

“!(imgleft)!(Coach iPod mini case)”:
Right. The moment I saw this leather case from Coach, I fell in love.

This is from Coach’s latest Spring collection, with its renowned bags and accessories boldly emblazoned with the poppy flowers splashed out in vivid shades of red. It’s bright and refreshing without being obnoxiously loud. To add on to the luxe value, the inside of the case is decked out in suede, and it also comes embellished with a 12″ leather strap and a Coach metal tag.

The damage: USD88 (dinggg!)

iPod nano
As if the iPod mini or the iPod itself were not celestial beings of gadgetry, Apple topped itself last September with the introduction of the iPod nano. It made suckers out of everyone whose eyes were blinded by the unbelievable lightness (and thinness) of the itsy bitsy nano. It made girls want to buy it as a fashion accessory that emits music, and boyfriends to buy it for the girlfriends who want it as an accessory that also emits music.

“!(imgleft)!(Juicy Couture iPod nano case)”:

Anyway, my point was not to wax lyrical about the nano but this cute little Juicy Couture leather case for the nano.

It’s in a girly shade of pink and embellished with a removeable gold chain strap. The key to the case is in its strap, or rather, the charms that are attached to is – whimsical charms of a red enamel ladybird and a heart-shaped locket stamped with Juicy Couture’s logo. These two little details enable a typical leather case to stand out and be original among the sea of fuddy duddy cases.

The damage: USD58 (dingg!)

iPod video
Ahh, the wonderful companion of my life. It stops the noises created by the rest of the riff raff from penetrating into my world, allowing me to ignore loud-mouthed aunties on the train, annoying salesgirls who keep following me and pesky insurance agents outdoors.

“!(imgleft)!(Juicy Couture iPod case)”:

One of the cases that made me go weak in the knees is this mint green leather case from Juicy Couture. It is simple and elegant, featuring a spring green leather shell that allows the iPod to be kept snugly within. The attached gold chain strap not only makes a loud statement but it also enhances the green. A heart-shaped applique on the case, with Juicy Couture’s signature letter J adds a sweet touch to the case, as does the J-shaped gold charm swinging from the chain.

“!(imgleft)!(Kate Spade iPod case)”:

On the other hand, for those who like a bit more shine to their lives, there is also the Kate Spade Broome Street Jaine iPod case to consider. It’s in a vavavoom shade of champagne, exuding sleek lustre. A cowhide exterior, linen-patterned calfskin interior with matching gold hardware gives this case a touch of class.

The damage: USD38.90 for Juicy Couture, down from USD78 (ding!), and USD75 for Kate Spade (dinggg!)

However, when it comes down to dollars and sense, I probably would not purchase any of these cases. There are just too many accessories to covet and plonking a huge amount of money on one case just seems too exorbitant. In the end, I would probably go for the pink version of this:

“!(imgcenter)!(Belkin iPod case)”:

This is the Belkin Kickstand case for iPod 5G. This cool leather case is light and does not create bulk in the iPod. Furthermore, its unique design features an integrated display stand, which allows me to place the iPod on my lap while I am watching my TV shows while on the train, instead of stressing out my poor hand.

Best of all, the damage to this one is only SGD48. Economical, practical and cute.

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