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I am Onitsuka Tiger

!(imgleft) Miss Shopaholic)!
I had an epiphany of some sort during my course today. As we were sitting there discussing about the possible mistakes that the global pictures desk could make in times of stress, it occurred to me that I would be ditching those gorgeous heels of mine in favour of rugged jeans and sneakers in the near future. And then, it dawned onto me that I had to buy a pair of new sneakers, preferably the lightweight and thinner sort since my favourite suede $200 pair were precious to me and badly in need of a wash. The other sneakers I had were, err, rather clunky.

I have to have a new pair of sneakers!

So the nice boyfriend picked me up from work this evening as he had the day off and the car and we headed down to town for a nice Royal Copenhagen dinner. When I told him of my epiphany, he tagged along with me as I made a visit to one of my favourite sports shop: Puma. Forget about Nike and adidas, Puma to me exudes the most ‘tude man.

Unfortunately, Puma was rather sizist and its smallest size left my size 35 feet wriggling away with space to spare even after wearing a pair of thick woolen socks.

Our next destination was star three sixty at Wheelock Place, a new Asics boutique that stocks its Onitsuka Tiger label sneakers. Its shoes are really cool looking and best of all, comfortable too. The nice boyfriend spotted a pair and got me to try. Found my size, fitted me, yay gorgeous looking, oops expensive, but love ’em so paid and hooray they’re mine. All in, say, 15 minutes.

“Shopping the man’s way,” said the dude.

It’s got a layer of sexy black lace over a beige leather background. Something like the picture below but with laces and minus the patches of beige. Its name? A rather hilarious “Enstasy Cool”.

!(imgcenter) Tiger shoes)!

Technically the boyfriend owns one shoe since he paid for half of it as “an early Valentine’s Day present” so I should be glad he had bought his own pair last week.

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6 thoughts on “I am Onitsuka Tiger”

  1. They are oozing coolness, yAnn! I’m tempted by these Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. They might be the very thing to cheer me up, even if it’s only temporary. Will go by Wheedlock soon. Thanks for sharing! So do you wear ’em with or without socks? =)


  2. Hello! I wear them with those hidden socks, cos I prefer to have the socks-less look but don’t want my precious shoes to smell. You can get those at Giordano’s for $15 for three pairs. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the hidden socks tip. I walked by the store today and I think I spotted your Entasy Cool in the display case. By the way, I headed to Borders later and bumped into my old pal, Mogan. Did you get to meet him during your early days of Chorale? In any case, your man will know who Mogan is.


  4. Abs – no time to take photos!!

    monoceros – I hope you ended up buying a pair of the shoes. I know of Mogan but yeah, the boyfriend knows him. The two of them shared a stage back in the good ‘ol days. 😛


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