The organised chaos

Happiness is….

…having your conductor tell you, via an online forum: “I know you will sing well and learn the songs well on your own”.

In all my years of singing under his direction, I have never heard words of praise or encouragement pertaining specifically to me pass his lips. I have always believed that I am just a mediocre singer, nothing great to crow about given the talents that surround me in my section. Suddenly, it’s almost as if I have been given a vote of confidence and I feel gratified knowing that my years of singing have not come to nought. He did not have to reply to my posting, but he did, and those few words certainly made my day.

…getting proposed by your other half with not just a huge piece of rock but also an iPod.

In case you get the wrong idea, I have not received any offers of marriage. Instead, this ingenious proposal was conceived by a clever self-proclaimed geek. Isn’t that just sweet of the dude? He not only produces a huge piece of rock (nice simple solitaire) but also a gorgeous piece of gadget. Which girl would say no? Men everywhere should learn from this.

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