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Oh New York, London and Milan!

The best part about the new job is that I get to view pictures taken from all over the world everyday. They could be of politicians, of events, of sports or of fashion shows. With the recent run of the New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks, here is what to expect from the designers for Fall 2006.

Emporio Armani
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:

As always, we can expect nothing but the most gorgeous creations for Armani, even for his spinoff Emporio line. The look here for both outfits is feminine but with a touch of playfulness, which differentiates this line from the main Giorgio Armani. Tweed seems to have made a comeback here and I so love the jacket in the picture on the left. The material is serious but the ribbon softens it. I can really imagine myself in it.

Marc Jacobs
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:

Marc Jacobs has emerged to be one of the most influential designers of the past five years. Responsible for jazzing up staid Louis Vuitton, with the highly-copied graffiti and Murakami bags, he also designs his own lines. He has never been one to follow the fashion rules and here, we have a good example of his nonchalance with the layering of a brown wollen vest over a red turtleneck and what can only be described as tulip gaucho pants. I love the T-bar heels too. The evening dress, on the other hand, falls and drapes so lightly and the subtle shimmer makes it elegant and yet different.

Emilio Pucci
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:

Ah, Pucci, the king of prints. There is just something so pretty and floaty about the grey dress with purple trimming that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the cute round satin collar, or it could be the bright purple prints. I can’t decide. But I love, love, love this sweet dress. In any other colour combination, the design and cut would make the wearer look dowdy but not this one. And I can’t help but gawk at the pairing of a sheer purple ladylike blouse with a satin black skirt. The huge ribbon in front of the skirt is such a dramatic touch.

“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:
“!(img)!(Click to view bigger photo)”:

I’ve always liked Prada although my preference for the vintage and whimsical Miuccia line runs deeper. But this time, Prada has won me over with its use of dark colours such as black, grey and olive. It’s urban, sleek and strong without being overpowering. This is the kind of simple look that I would love to have if I am working in a corporate environment but sadly (or rather, thank goodness), I am not and can only watch from afar.

Next stop for fashionistas should be Paris so watch this space!

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