The organised chaos


When you are suffering from agonizing cramps and in dire need of friendship and affection, it’s always nice to know that one of your closest friends is just working in the building next to you in ulu-land.

It’s great that she takes time off work to meet you for a while, to be with you for that short period of time. And it’s funny when you see her making her way to you past yuppies decked out in long-sleeved shirts and pants and she is horribly under-dressed in sleeveless tee-shirt untucked over jeans with some bling at the butt and sneakers.

What’s even funnier is that you are dressed in exactly the same shabby way. Right down to the bling on the butt.

It’s not the first time that this has happened, where we dress in similar or same clothing, or have cravings for the same foods, and it’s not going to be the last.

She’s probably not going to read this till a week or five entries later, just like she never answers my phone call till maybe three hours later, but I will be sad when she leaves the godforsaken place because it was nice to know that she is somewhere in the vicinity, even if we don’t exactly meet up very often.

Good luck in advance (or belatedly, depending on when you read this) for Thursday, tootch!

“!(imgcenter)!(Bimbo friends)”:

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